Aztec Calendar Alpaca Poncho

Introducing the beautifully crafted Aztec Calendar Alpaca Poncho – hand crafted with genuine, imported alpaca wool from Ecuador. This eye catching piece of fashion is perfect for any occasion – and it's all wrapped up in one size that fits all.

With a stunning black background and front and back traditional Aztec calendar printed designs, this unique poncho will be sure to add a lot of character to your wardrobe. Keep warm and in style during the cold winter days with this stylish piece. It also features a hoodie and a front wooden button that completes its look.

This product has been specially crafted to deliver beautiful, quality clothing options that are gentle on your skin for long lasting comfort all day long.

You can't go wrong when you add this timeless product to your wardrobe - it transforms any plain outfit into something much more special -Get yours today