Embroidered Poncho | Womens Mexican Poncho

Welcome the beauty of nature into your wardrobe with our Embroidered Sunflower Mint Poncho! This poncho flaunts a beautiful mint green color, so it looks lovingly inviting and it promotes a feeling of peace and joy. With its intricate embroidery, this poncho will lend an elegant touch to any outfit. Purple  and Olive embroidered lining around the edges and the soft fur inside creates an elegant contrast that will make heads turn. The hood also adds further style and protection from the elements.

This poncho shows amazing craftsmanship through its details including buttons and additional touches. These special details offer extra visual appeal, as well as ample coziness during colder days. You can trust that no two pieces are ever the same: each one is crafted by hand with lots of love and care just for you. Let our Embroidered Sunflower Poncho become your best last-minute fashion choice or daily pick-me-up! You’ll be sure to receive many compliments every single time you wear it!